Getting around

You want to work with Les Petits Bilingues or Nanny Agency? We are glad to help you upon your arrival in France!

Please find below some information and useful websites about how to get around!

Paris / IDF

The Smart card for Paris is the ‘Navigo’: this is a weekly/monthly/annual pass valid on the bus, metro, RER, and Ile-de-France trains.

To get a Navigo pass you will need to take a small passport photo with you to any metro station and ask for ‘la carte navigo’. The card itself will cost €5 and you will then need to ask to charge the pass for the current month, this will cost €70. Please bear in mind this needs to be done on the first day of every month and will last up until the very last day of that month.

The price of a Navigo for a week (valid from Monday to Sunday) is €21,25 for central Paris and all Zones 1-5. If you are arriving in the middle of a month, it will be best for you to buy a weekly navigo until the new month begins.

The Navigo covers travel to and from: Airport CDG, Disneyland Paris, Chateau de Versailles and Orly Airport (via the Orlybus).

You can find more information here or (RATP is the company who provides transport in Île-de-France).

In France, half of the transport cover is reimbursed by your employer in your pay. You will need to keep the receipt for the charge of your Navigo and give it to the HR Officer every month.


Auvergne-Rhône Alpes

Transports in Annecy
Transports in Clermont-Ferrand
Transports in Grenoble
Transports in Le Pont de Claix
Transports in Lyon
Transports in Montbonnot-Saint-Martin
Transports in Tassin La Demi-Lune
Transports in Villefranche sur Saône

Bretagne et Pays de Loire

Transports in Brest

Transports in Cesson Sévigné

Transports in Lorient

Transports in Le Mans

Transports in Nantes

Transports in Rennes

Grand Est

Transports in Nancy

Transports in Reims

Hauts de France

Transports in Amiens

Transports in Beauvais

Transports in Boulogne sur Mer

Transports in Compiègne

Transports in Lille

Transports in Malo-les-Bains/Dunkerque

Transports in Saint Quentin

La Réunion

Transports in St André/ St Gille/ St Pierre


Transports in Rouen/ Bois Guillaume/ Elbeuf

Transports in Evreux

Transports in Le Havre/Saint Adresse

Nouvelle Aquitaine

Transports in Bordeaux


Transports in Aix-en-Provence

Transports in Montpellier




I find it very rewarding that you can see the kids progressing! What I also like about this job is that everyone is very friendly and we do things after work together, which is nice.


I like that I teach to different kids everyday and to different groups of age! I love this diversity.



Les Petits Bilingues is the National Leader in teaching English to children. Nanny Agency & Academy Services offers babysitting and tutoring services in English. We recruit the whole year round Teachers and Babysitters.


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