About us

Thanks to our 25 years experience in English Teaching, we are the national leader in teaching English to children!


Our story began in 1992: a father of four started Les Petits Bilingues to give his children the opportunity to learn English from an early age, and to become familiar with the Anglo-Saxon culture.

Today, we have 48 centers in France and La Réunion, including 16 in Paris!

We have 5 different brands:

  • Les Petits Bilingues

    Learners aged 1 to 99 in our centers

  • Les Petits Bilingues Professionnel

    For employees and businesses

  • School is Cool

    Workshops for children during school time, in public and private schools

  • English at School

    Interventions in public schools after school time

  • Nanny Agency & Academy Services

    Childcare for children aged 3 to 18

    Private lessons at home for learners aged 1 to 90


Come and visit our websites  www.lespetitsbilingues.com and www.nannyagency.fr!


Our values


Serving our Clients: The quality of service we provide to our customers is a prerequisite for our development and the sustainability of our group.


Excellence and professionalism: Continuously looking to improve our services in order to benefit our clients.


Passion and innovation: We have passion for our profession; to innovate is our vocation in order to always provide the appropriate solutions to our clients’ needs.


Team spirit: Shared understanding for sustainability.


Pride of belonging: Our ambition is to make both our customers and employees alike, ambassadors of our groups and brands.


Confidence and initiative: To allow our employees the initiative to adapt themselves continually to our customers’ expectations.


Honesty and Transparency: Dare to tell the truth and acknowledge all with respect and understanding.


Commitment to responsability: We strongly believe in our commitment to make the world a better place and improve our relationships with one another.






I find it very rewarding that you can see the kids progressing! What I also like about this job is that everyone is very friendly and we do things after work together, which is nice.


I like that I teach to different kids everyday and to different groups of age! I love this diversity.



Les Petits Bilingues is the National Leader in teaching English to children. Nanny Agency & Academy Services offers babysitting and tutoring services in English. We recruit the whole year round Teachers and Babysitters.


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