Recruitment process

Job Application Guide: How do I submit an application?

        The recruitment procedure


Please fill out our application form

Or send your CV + cover letter to


If your application is considered, you will be contacted within the next couple of days for a first interview.


Our peak recruitment period is from February to July for the next academic year starting in October. We also recruit throughout the year for opening positions.


          Which documents do I have to provide?


• Valid ID (passport for non EU citizen)


• Valid work papers (see types of visas)


• 2 references from previous employers with contact details


• Photocopies of any diplomas


• If you have been living in France for more than 6 months: a French “Bulletin n°3 : extrait de casier judiciaire vierge” (clean criminal record). This is free of charge and can be applied for online here.


• You may also provide us with a Basic Disclosure Certificate for British citizens or an equivalent for other countries where possible.


Skills & Qualities


When recruiting Les Petits Bilingues Teachers we look for the following skills:


  • Classroom management: You are able to handle a group of 8 to 15 children, it does not scare you, and you can keep the class under control, dealing with any disruptive children effectively.
  • Flexibility: You adapt easily to various working environments: in French schools or in our centers, with very young children as well as older ones. You are able to adjust to the group dynamic and the level of the children.
  • Enthusiasm for working with children: you have the charisma to create a fun and stimulating learning atmosphere which motivates children to participate. You relate easily to children, demonstrate empathy and understand the way they think.


When recruiting Les Petits Bilingues Teachers we seek the following qualities:


  • Customer-oriented: your primary goal is the satisfaction of our customers: the children and their parents. You have good communication skills and welcome children and parents in a warm and friendly manner.  You are cheerful and willing to talk to them even if your French is not perfect.
  • Punctuality: you are the kind of person that’s “always-on-time”, doing whatever it takes to be ready 5 minutes before class.
  • A team spirit: you respect your colleagues and are aware that everyone is working towards the same goal (ie. the satisfaction of our customers and well-being of children.).  You make a point of leaving the room and material clean and tidy.  You inform your Manager of any difficulties you encounter (with a child / parents / classroom management…).  If a fellow teacher is late, you welcome their children and set them up in their room with a video.


I find it very rewarding that you can see the kids progressing! What I also like about this job is that everyone is very friendly and we do things after work together, which is nice.


I like that I teach to different kids everyday and to different groups of age! I love this diversity.



Les Petits Bilingues is the National Leader in teaching English to children. Nanny Agency & Academy Services offers babysitting and tutoring services in English. We recruit the whole year round Teachers and Babysitters.


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