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The majority of our Tutors come from an Anglo-saxon country, which creates a youthful and cosmopolitan atmosphere in a Francophone environment. We are proud to invite you to join our community sharing a passion for education and English. Along with individual tutoring, we offer several opportunities to teach in our centers and in schools.

Our personalised approach 


As a Tutor, you can teach children, teenagers, students as well as adults!


Each person has their own learning pace, strengths and weaknesses. The traditional academic approach, often used for large groups of students, cannot take these interpersonal differences into account: this is why we are so proud of our alternative, personalised vision at Nanny Agency.

Our Tutors’ 3 main objectives: 


• Reinstating self-belief in every student weakened by their difficulties and giving them confidence
• Analysing, thanks to one or more tests, where each person’s difficulties come from, and what these difficulties are
• Adapting to each student by choosing a method that will put them back in a positive dynamic, allowing them to fill the gaps and make progress!

We offer quality pedagogical tools to our Tutors


We provide a set of pedagogical tools to our Tutors, that can be used to aid with lesson preparation and help your students improve according to their level.


In the center of Paris, we also have a Resource Lounge which is dedicated to Teachers and Nannies: you can come anytime, grab a cup of coffee and chat with other Tutors to help prepare your lessons!





I find it very rewarding that you can see the kids progressing! What I also like about this job is that everyone is very friendly and we do things after work together, which is nice.


I like that I teach to different kids everyday and to different groups of age! I love this diversity.



Les Petits Bilingues is the National Leader in teaching English to children. Nanny Agency & Academy Services offers babysitting and tutoring services in English. We recruit the whole year round Teachers and Babysitters.


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